The Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time

It can help you accelerate interventions — and change outcomes. That’s the power of unified care communications. 

And that’s the power the Voalte Platform delivers.

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One nurse is talking on her phone and one nurse is texting on his phone after receiving patient information via Voalte Nurse Call.

Unite your Hospital


Unite your Hospital

Elevate what you can do for your patients and care teams — from bedside to smartphone. See how Voalte Platform brings it all together for truly unified communications.



Available as individual modules or one complete solution, the Voalte Platform consists of:

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Patient Engagement*

And a supporting suite of reporting, analytics, integrations and services to help you tailor your implementation and maximize your investment.

The platform integrates with your existing hospital systems, putting vital information at your caregivers’ fingertips — when and where they need it.

So you can make an impact on the outcomes that matter.



Protect Patient Safety

Connected care is safer care. The Voalte Platform solutions work together — or individually — to make risk status visible and to alert care teams of changes in patient safety status. So you can respond to pressing needs faster.

A nurse using stethoscope on patient sitting in Centrella® Smart+ bed
67% and 89% stat data visualization graphic

Reduce falls by 67% and falls with injury by 89% with Voalte® Nurse Call.1

99% stat data visualization graphic

Up to 99% of alarms are non-actionable - reduce alarm fatigue with Voalte® Alert & Alarm Management.

23% reduction stat data visualization graphic

Reduce medication errors by 23% with Voalte® Mobile App.3



Improve Caregiver & Patient Satisfaction

Help your care teams focus on direct patient care and watch satisfaction rise — for staff and patients alike. The Voalte Platform makes it easy for caregivers to communicate with each other, inside and outside the hospital. And it helps bring patients into the communication loop so they can be actively involved in their own care.

nurse responding to Voalte mobile app alert from patient in Centrella Smart+ bed
60% and 30% increase stat data visualization graphic

Spend 60% more time at the bedside and 30% more time on direct patient care with Voalte Nurse Call.4

Patient in bed with ipad icon graphic

Give patients control to tell you exactly what they need and check response status with Voalte Experience App*.

78 percent reduction stat data visualization graphic

Reduce overhead pages by 78% to promote a quiet and healing environment with Voalte Mobile App.5



Achieve Efficiency

Reduce communication delays and errors. Focus on critical alarms. Speed patient throughput and discharge. With the Voalte Platform, you can simplify your workflows and gain efficiencies in more ways than one.


group of health professionals in hospital hallway discussing patient alert via Voalte Alert and Alarm Management
80 percent reduction stat data visualization graphic

Reduce response times by 80% with Voalte Nurse Call.5

Filter out non-relevant alarms to respond quickly to the most urgent patient needs with Voalte Alert & Alarm Management.

82 percent stat data visualization graphic

Save up to 34 minutes on discharge – and spend 82% less time on phone calls – with Voalte Mobile.6

The Vision is Here


The Vision is Here

Imagine a world where patients in the hospital are protected by an ecosystem of connected technologies. That vision is here.


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*available in Spring 2021.
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