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Voalte® Mobile App

Improve care team communication and collaboration.


Voalte Mobile applications connect care teams, no matter where they are, to improve care coordination, keep caregivers informed and accelerate treatment to speed patient recovery.


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Connecting care teams inside and outside the hospital plays an important role in patient outcomes. Voalte Mobile applications ensure you remain connected to patient information and actionable insights—when and where you need them.

Communications are secured on an encrypted platform, supporting HIPAA compliance. IT teams benefit from a complete toolset to administer, manage and integrate Voalte Mobile applications throughout your organization or the entire healthcare enterprise.

  • Access patient-related alerts and notifications, plus voice and text communications, via a single app on your smartphone
  • Help your teams collaborate—wherever they are—with desktop messaging, a point-of-care app for caregivers
  • A BYOD app for physicians and others who work largely outside the hospital
Nurse using a smartphone with patient in background

Improve Communications

Reduce communication failures by 59% 1

Improve Efficiency

Reduce process waste by 33% 2

Increase Patient Throughput

Discharge patients 25 minutes sooner 3

Create a Quieter Environment

Reduce overhead pages by 78% 4

The way Voalte has helped our care team collaborate in new ways has really allowed the patient to become the focus.


Sally Gallot-Reeves, MSM, CPM, CCM, RN Healthcare Project Director, Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Nurse in hospital setting smiles while caring for senior patient

Mobile Applications

Voalte Mobile Application is a suite of mobile applications that communicate actionable patient information and alerts directly to caregivers’ smartphones.

Whether your team members are working inside the hospital or offsite, Voalte Mobile applications work together to streamline care coordination and impact patient outcomes.

Clinician smiling while using a smartphone
Nurse using a stethoscope on a patient sitting up in a hospital bed

Intelligent Alerting

Inform and prioritize patient care with alerting from nurse call systems, monitoring devices, the EMR and more. Promote a quiet environment by routing alerts to the right caregiver or care team with robust roles and staff assignments.

Nurse holding a patient's hand

Better Together

Voalte Mobile brings alerts and information from Hillrom solutions to your care team’s fingertips. With direct integrations with Hillrom Nurse Call, Alert and Alarm Management, and Middleware, you can send alerts from Hillrom smart beds and vital signs monitors—and even access Waveform Visualization from other patient monitoring devices.

Dynamic Directory

Find team members with a single directory that supports self-assignments and integration with on-call scheduling. Search by title, unit, patients, and more.

Physician Communications

Incorporate physicians into the care team with an app that allows them to set availability, find nurse assignments, and receive patient lab results, code alerts and pages.

Flexible Reporting

Analyze user adoption of mobile communications and understand alert trends with easily accessible and customizable reports.

Robust Integrations

Extend care coordination capabilities through integrations to other hospital systems and application such as the EMR, EMR mobile apps, middleware, nurse call, and more.

Services & Support

Count on our Professional Services team to partner with you on deployment, training and ongoing support.

Our experienced clinical and technical staff will guide you through designing clinical workflows, directories and alarms. We’ll work with you on wireless network assessments and plans for device charging and storage. And we’ll help you provision and configure your servers and devices. All to bring you a reliable and integrated mobile solution to help maximize end-user adoption.

Extended & Software Maintenance Agreements

Protect your investment with additional coverage for Nurse Call system hardware and software. You will receive an extended warranty on parts, free software upgrades and additional support services.

Voalte Mobile Services

  • Clinical Workflow Design
  • Project Management
  • Integration Services
  • Educational Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Application Administration
  • Technical Support
Alerts in Voalte Platform are secondary alarms, and responding to an alert on your phone may not address the primary alarm.
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