Welcome to the Technology Campus

Welcome to Pluvigner, France, where the technology campus hosts a wide diversity of services, working in unison to enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers.

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Take a walk around the Customer experience centre with our 3D tour, click to progress to new areas or watch short videos on our range of solutions. 


Customers trained per year on our solutions

We train 214 customers, from 17 countries, on average per year on our Solutions.


1 bed rolls off the manufacturing line every 4 minutes 

By January 2022, we had manufactured 300,000 HR900's in Pluvigner.


Patents owned by R&D

As of June 2022, Pluvigner R&D owns 88 patents for medical devices and equipment.


Years working at Pluvigner Technology Campus

As of September 2022 we have 2 employees that have worked in Pluvigner Technology Campus for 41 years!

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