Alert and Alarm Management
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Alert and Alarm Management

Collaborate and make decisions on-the-go with alert and alarm analytics, data-driven notification procedures and streaming patient data.


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Getting only the information that is relevant to your patients helps keep your team focused and on-task. Hillrom™ Alert and Alarm Management brings together data, workflow and technology to intelligently manage notifications about changes in your patients’ conditions.

Clinical alarm data analysis and industry best practices help to guide the policies, procedures and objectives of the hospital Alarm Committee to deliver meaningful alarms to your team and reduce non-actionable alerts. Integration with the EMR and patient monitoring devices power alert and alarm management and predictive analytics to help you operate more efficiently. Push bedside monitoring alarms and data—including waveforms, alarm strips, alarm trends, vital sign composites and predictive analytics—to a single view on your smartphone. And help your team keep tabs on monitored patients with a streamlined alert workflow.

Clinician holding a reclining patient's hand in a hospital room