Ambulation Aids
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Ambulation Aids

Our lifting accessories for stand/gait/mobility training help you get patients moving, standing and walking.


Hillrom's Ambulation Aids help you give patients physical training without risking strain injuries for caregivers and nursing staff. The lift supports weight during transfers and training, so patients and caregivers can devote their attention to the task without worrying about the consequences of a wrong step. We offer both a vest version and walking pant ambulation aid to help you choose what's right for your patient.


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A physician and a nurse help a patient rise from bed and walk using a walker and an overhead lift from Hillrom

MasterVest™ Lift Aid

The MasterVest Lift Aid supports toilet visits, standing training, gait training, mobility training and placing patients into standing positions using aids. This versatile lifting aid reduces strain on caregivers while helping them deliver physical training or manually lift and transfer patients to and from the toilet. The vest lifts around the upper body and partly under the arms, and it is best suited for patients who can support some of their body weight with their legs and feet. The design also provides freedom for lower body dressing and undressing.

Picture of walking pant


LiftPants give patients the support they need to move on their own with confidence. They offer freedom of movement while relieving the burden of body weight. During gait practice, the lift can take on all the weight—allowing both patient and caregiver to focus on training without worrying about the consequences of a wrong step. LiftPants can be used with an overhead lift or a mobile lift with sufficient lifting height. They are available in sizes up to the Ultra LiftPants XXXL.

Technical Specifications

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Safe Working Load 440lb, 1100lb
Fabric Polyester, plastic-coated net (M only)
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Safe Working Load 440lb, 1100lb
Fabric Net polyester
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Education & Documentation

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Product Documentation

  • Instructions For Use

    LiftPants, User Manual
    MasterVest, User Manual
    Ultra LiftPants, User Manual
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