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HScribe™ Holter Analysis System
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Welch Allyn®

HScribe™ Holter Analysis System

The HScribe Holter Analysis System enables flexible system configurations to satisfy a full range of Holter monitoring needs, from simple to complex installations.


Multiple HScribe workstations can acquire, review and generate reports within a shared database, and customizable, electronic final reports can be manually or automatically exported to any networked destination. Retrospective, prospective and superimposition scanning modes are supported for traditional and advanced scanning options. VERITAS® signal processing algorithms provide superior accuracy in beat detection, labeling and noise rejection for better identification of events and rapid scanning of recordings. 12-lead ECG monitored at a Surveyor Central System can also be imported for complete Holter analysis. The system supports HL7 and DICOM® bidirectional interfaces. A wizard-like application allows recorder preparation, local data download, patient demographic entry, diary event annotation and recording transfer via secure Internet/Intranet connections.


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  • Export electronic file reports to any networked destination
  • Import Holter recordings from an unlimited number of remote sites
  • Retrieve a Modality Worklist and store final reports in your PACS with DICOM
  • Features VERITAS signal processing algorithms
  • Supports HL7 and DICOM bidirectional interfaces
  • Retrospective, prospective and superimposition scanning modes supported

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Product Documentation

  • Brochures

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    Welch Allyn HScribe® Holter Analysis System
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    Welch Allyn Cardiology Solutions
  • User Manuals

    Panduan Pengguna - HScribe™ Sistem Analisis Holter
    Instrukcja obsługi - System analizy holterowskiej HScribe™
    Návod na obsluhu - HScribe™ Systém na analýzu údajov z Holterovho monitorovania
    Manual del usuario - HScribe™ Sistema de análisis Holter
    Korisnički priručnik - HScribe™ Sustav za analizu holtera
    Gebruikershandleiding - HScribe™ Holter-analysesysteem
    Käyttöopas - HScribe™ Holter-analyysijärjestelmä
    Lietotāja rokasgrāmata - HScribe™ Holtera monitoringa analīzes sistēma
    Εγχειρίδιο χρήστη - HScribe™ Σύστημα ανάλυσης Holter
    Bedienungshandbuch - HScribe™ Holter-Analysesystem
    Kullanıcı Kılavuzu - HScribe™ Holter Analiz Sistemi
    Пайдаланушы нұсқаулығы - HScribe™ Холтер талдау жүйесі
    Manuale dell'utente - HScribe™ Sistema di analisi Holter
    Användarhandbok - HScribe™ Holter-analyssystem
    Manual de utilizare - HScribe™ Sistem de analiză Holter
    Ръководство на потребителя - HScribe™ Система за анализ Holter
    User Manual - HScribe™ Holter Analysis System
    Uživatelská příručka - HScribe™ Systém pro analýzu Holterova monitorování
    Felhasználói kézikönyv - HScribe™ Holter Kiértékelő Rendszer
    Brugervejledning - HScribe™ Holter analysesystem
    Manuel d'utilisation - HScribe™ Système d'analyse holter


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