FCS 300 Electro Cube
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FCS 300 Electro Cube

Powering Your Operating Room


The FCS 300 Electro Cube is used in the operating room for connecting additional equipment for power and low voltage needs. Primarily used in Hybrid ORs, specialty ORs and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). Standard configuration includes 2 electrical outlets and 2 low voltage preparations. 


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Technical Specifications

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Parameter Value
Soffit Cover
16" (400 mm) square - flat
25.2" (640 mm) square, 3.9" - 11.8" (100 mm - 300 mm) deep
Down Tube
9.8" - 39.4" (250 mm - 1,000 mm)
Horizontal Arm Length
27.6" - 68.9" (700 mm - 1,750 mm)
Articulating Spring Arm Length
38.6" (980 mm)
Vertical Travel (max)
45º up / 50º down; intermediate stops at 20º Up/Down
Arm / Support Head Rotation
Braking System
Up to 2x circuits, 8 sockets
Low Voltage
Up to 3x data outlets
Cable Routing Area (power and love voltage)
17.7"2 (450 mm2)

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