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Are You Ready to Shift Care Closer to Home?

A woman practicing yoga while receiving treatment from The Monarch® Airway Clearance System.

Today, traditional care practices require meaningful shifts as we continue to face a global pandemic. With about 117 million adults living with chronic conditions, providers like you are challenged to deliver hospital-level care from patients’ homes — especially as more patients skip critical checkups used to manage chronic conditions.1 How can you ensure patients are still receiving the care they need and deserve?

With smart collaboration, care can happen anywhere

Managing chronic conditions from home requires close collaboration between you and your patients. Innovative home care solutions are enabling stronger connections by empowering patients to manage their health from almost anywhere while providing you with data to better understand their needs, resulting in better outcomes. Additionally, bringing care into the home can help reduce unnecessary costs incurred during extended hospital stays and readmissions.

Bring health care into the home today 

With the world becoming increasingly connected through technology, home health care trends are most likely here to stay. Through innovative home care solutions, patients can receive the care they’d expect in the hospital from the comfort of home.

At Hillrom, we are committed to providing you with technologies and solutions in key areas like ambulatory and home blood pressure monitoring and non-invasive respiratory therapy to help you meet ever-evolving patient needs. Learn more about how these innovative solutions can help you bring care into the home through our latest materials:


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